Members with valid Monthly and Lifetime licenses can now sign up to the beta programme allowing them access to the latest beta without tying their main license to it. This will allow you to install the beta on a separate server and test it as you see fit before making the jump to it if you're happy with stability, performance and overall security.

The beta builds tend to always be faster or more feature-full than the mainline releases but inevitably less testing goes into them before they're pushed to the public.

To sign up to the programme and get your beta license, sign in to the billing panel and select your active Monthly or Lifetime service, select Addons in the side navigation bar. You'll see a notice stating that addons are available for your license, follow that link and order the Beta license (it's free don't worry).

Once completed, your license will generate and will become available to you after I've manually accepted the license. You can view your license key by visiting the aforementioned Addons page.

You can find information on the latest beta, and installation instructions on the forum or by following the link below:
Latest Beta Release

Saturday, June 26, 2021

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